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Greetings everyone. I hope you're doing great. I wanted to let you know...
I was supposed to go to Japan for a four month tour on March 13th of this year.
I was shocked when the twin natural disasters struck to say the least. In the aftermath, as things started to unfold, it became clear that all of us were going to have to alter our plans. Ironically I had just completed a Japanese rock opera concept record intended for Japan only. When I realized I wasn't able to physically go to Japan, I felt…

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New Year's Day Diatribe aka: The Trouble With Rupert Pupkin 


Well... It's just before 7 am on January 1st, 2010. I sit alone in my little living room, with only the ticking of the clock to keep me company. Writing somehow soothes me. That's why I still do it I guess. I've been thinking a-lot about today. About the time we're living in.  I don't like it one bit. I see so many troubling things.  Not the least of which is the current state of the music business. It is so odd to me at present. It really seems as if no one can be bothered to dig deep anymore...  Did…

The Trouble With Lyrics 

I'll tell you what really troubles me these days, Pop music lyrics. 

 In the past, I might have listened to a slew of popular songs and shown you guys how they're all ripped off from songs that preceded them, a neat little parlor trick indeed. But when I sat down recently and listened to a cross-section of current chart toppers, I was kinda shocked. 

 Some lyrical samples-

  •  Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack
  • 'Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back

 What the F is…

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The Trouble With Pro Tools 

I think I officially gave up on the music biz as I knew it about a year ago I'd been hired to play guitar on the recording of a very successful artist's CD. This artist's prior CD had done very well, selling in excess of millions. Being asked to participate in the follow up was an honor to say the least. Not just because of the predecessor's stellar sales, but because the other people involved in the new record, namely the producer, engineer and other musicians, were among the best in the industry I…

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