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I've written countless songs over the past two decades. About sixty of those span the course of my solo albums (see the “Original Music” page). Numerous additional songs reside on other artists records through co-writing partnerships, including Dee Snider and Madeleine Peyroux's "Barebones" album, which reached number one on the Billboard Charts.


As a co-writer, I work with each collaborator to develop songs that are lyrically timeless and touching on an emotional level, whatever that emotion might be! When the co-writer is also the artist performing the song, the goal is to find their core truth, the essence of who they are and what they need to express through lyric and melody. There's many ways to get there. I'm comfortable creating a song from thin air as well as doctoring or polishing a draft that was previously started. Either way, the end goal is the same, writing a GREAT song!