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I've been producing artists for over two decades. I have a full service recording studio in Venice, CA along with drummer Mark Schulman (Pink, Cher) and engineer/mixer Erich Gobel (John Mayer, Ray Charles). Production is normally done at my studio but can be done elswhere, depending on the artist's needs.


All pre-production begins with an in depth discussion focused on identifying what the artists goals are for the project. This discussion serves to clarify and solidify the understanding of the total project, which in turn ensures it's integrity will be maintained throughout the production process. Once the goals are understood, we'll identify any weak points in each song, lyrically and/or compositionally, and make improvements until the artist has an outstanding and truly competitive composition fit for production.


As a multi-instrumentalist, I'm able to play the majority of instruments on the record (drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, piano, percussion, background vocals, etc). This helps keep costs down, but whenever necessary (or at the request of the artist), I'm happy to arrange for other musicians to perform on the record. There is no ego involved in this process. The primary goal is to create a piece of work that the artist will love for the rest of their lives, and it is from this point of view that all production and musical choices are made.


After production is complete, the artist is sent rough mixes to review and comment on prior to delivery of final mixes. When I started out, I often wondered just what the producer's job is. It is many things, but at the end of the project, the number one responsibility is to literally produce a piece of music that the artist can call their own, and share/promote/sell in any way they desire. In short, a producer must PRODUCE!

Now click on the production tracks link to hear some examples!