Greetings everyone. I hope you're doing great. I wanted to let you know...
I was supposed to go to Japan for a four month tour on March 13th of this year.
I was shocked when the twin natural disasters struck to say the least. In the aftermath, as things started to unfold, it became clear that all of us were going to have to alter our plans. Ironically I had just completed a Japanese rock opera concept record intended for Japan only. When I realized I wasn't able to physically go to Japan, I felt frustrated and very sad. I wanted to be there to help somehow. I wanted to do something, anything, to reach out, connect and lessen the blow in some small way. I took an informal F.B poll asking people for their thoughts. Every response suggested getting the music out there for people to hear. After meditating on it, I decided to do an internet release of the Japanese record. It's called "Gaijin" and 50% of all proceeds will go to Japan disaster relief. This tragedy has been devastating for so many people. I sincerely hope this record brings a little light into the darkness. Please help in any way you can, record or no record. The Japanese people are strong. I have every confidence they'll recover from this and a little help goes a long, long way!

If you're interested can get the record here:

Thank you,


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